On Sharing Knowledge

Having organized various meetups, hackathons and conferences and after speaking on several occasions I have been thinking about this whole process of learning and sharing.

As I have been preparing for my talk at WordCamp Kathmandu tomorrow, I realize that there are so many angles that I’d have never thought of, if I were not speaking at the conference. It sounds counter-intuitive but this self-process that one goes through to prepare to share is when you learn the most. This learning unlike learning by doing is less superficial and more deep. In this phase we end up learning first principles and guiding methodologies.

So, whats the point? As uneasy it may be and as scary it may sound, Go outside. Talk to people about the work you’ve been doing. Explain concepts that you’ve learned recently. Try to speak at a local meetup. Believe me, everyone is struggling (or enjoying the challenge, same same) and no one is a know-it-all. Those who share their learning, learn more.

Enjoy the process!

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