Just Tell

Tell - v. To communicate by speech or writing; express with words:

Tell ! If you have an idea, Tell, Tell your friends, Tell your colleagues You want to lose weight? run every morning? Tell me about it ! For the sake of God, Tell someone what you want to do.

Whatever you’re thinking of doing, stop thinking for eternity, take a moment, and tell.

It’s one of the simplest & easiest hack I’ve found. If you want to do something, just tell people about it. Telling others about your ideas, about your plans has magical benefits. Saying someone you’re going to do something just makes it real. It’s no more a random thought in the corner of your mind, it’s out there in the open. It will inherently push you to get it done. It’s most probably a human behavioral trait, but it works. Works for me!

Try it out, next time you want to do something, tell others what you’re thinking of doing, explain them your idea, your reasons, your thought process, your motivation behind it.** It helps you understand why you want to do it**, is it really important? Maybe not !! Maybe it is !! And that’s just the motivation you need. It’s similar to rubber duck debugging. Sharing my ideas and telling others what I want to do has helped me figure out reasons and motivations. This has eventually reinforced myself to do it.