On Fun

Fun is random, fun is rage, fun is what that takes you out of the cage. Where is Fun? It is so relative I have learned, it depends on how your mind is wired and where your heart it. For some, partying all night long and having an insane night might be the fun that quenches the thirst. But, for some, maybe being able to stick to the timeline might just be the fun that is added to life. Being able to sleep on time and wake up a fresh man every other day is just what you find fun in. Maybe when you are partying In a club, that moment you have of being bored might be just when you feel sad that your weeks schedule is wasted . And that’s where you know where you really find fun in.

Just think about it though, main stream media had just brainwashed everyone to think that there is only one type of fun and that one type of fun is what’s cool. Who are they to define what is cool? Who are they to rule on what our heart thinks of our mind ?

Well, that fairly brings me to the main point. Do what you like, hear that silent vibration in that random corner of your heart. Do what you think is right, but think for once, is it really right ? Or are you being selfish ? Or are you just not being empathetic. Rely on that one self that you know, that you must believe in, that one self you are.