PHP Developers Meetup 6

PHP Developers Meetup

This is my first post regarding the PHP Developers Meetup we have in Kathmandu almost every month. Yesterday, we had the sixth iteration of the meetup and it went pretty well. We started with a 10 minute delay because we Nepalese are used to Nepali Time :-P, but on a serious note I wish we could start right on time moving forward.

I took the first session and had planned to discuss about Open Web Applications and how awesome it is. I had more memes and trolls and less slides, most of my talk was based on showing how easy it was to create an Application using the open web and the whole concept behind it. I showed the same app runnning on OSX, a nexus 7 and in the browser (of-course) and that made it much easier to explain the power of it. I guess the talk went pretty well and people would be interested in exploring more and creating applications using the open web. (Slides) (Github Source for LoadShedding Application)

 The web is the platform

Prashish then talked about creating a real time dashboard using Node.js, Angular.JS and D3.js. The session was quite informative and people were quite keen to discuss about scalability and there were some suggestion on how it could be made more polished. He had no demo to show as it was still a WIP, but we hope to have a look at the finished product in the next meetup.

Next, Gaurav talked about virtualization and how developers could harness it to create a seamless development enviornment. Between the talk (when virtual machines were being cloned), we had a good disucssion about vagrant and how people were using it. Being a sysadmin, he did give everyone suggestions on different ways you could host and why an EC2 instance could be much better an option than a VPS.

Finally, since we had an open-discussion session between the virtualization talk, we instead talked about how developers were using email and processing email to provide a service. In the process we touched on how mailinator was implemented and how craigslist implements its email thingy. Overall I must say it was a fruitful developer meet. Next month we would have a hacknight, so gear up and start thinking about the project of the millenium :D.