React Native: Expo: Fix Error Reanimated 2 failed to create a worklet

Have you seen the following error when using reanimated2 in expo ?

Reanimated 2 failed to create a worklet, maybe you forgot to add Reanimated's babel plugin?

I have spent quite a lot of hours fixing this issue. The solutions you see online are really random and they don’t always work. Well, you don’t know why it works if/when it works.
1. use yarn
2. reinstall all modules
3. It just resolved on its own
4. yarn add react-native-reanimated@next

The cleanest way to solve this issue is to clear the metro-bundler cache by starting expo in the following way
expo start --clear or yarn start --clear

If you want a full proof way to clear expo caches i would suggest to read or

I have the cache clear commands set as a npm task. So i can run yarn run clear-cache whenever i am feeling superstitious. :)