The HTML <base> element


I usually like to look at the HTML of web pages that get delivered to my browser window. Today, I noticed that all assets that were loaded relatively came from a different URL. Interesting huh! * OMG!! How did they do thaatt??*

HTML has a <base> tag that specifies the base URL for all relative links in a web page. Well thought through, right? Definitely.

<base href="base-path">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/main.css">

In this case, the css/main.css would resolve to base-path/css/main.css. Nifty!

Wait, there’s more! the <base> tag can define what target links would generally open in. So, next time you want all links to open in a new tab, don’t mess with all links but instead add the following to the <head>

<base target="_blank">

Check out the MDN docs for more details.

Fin. Das ist alles.