A resolution that makes sense

Reading through HackerNews this morning I noticed this comment, which is something that I have been telling a lot of folks in the past days. For the lazy ones, the thread is about 2018 resolutions and the comment mentions the resolution as ” Less consuming, more creating. Doesn’t matter what it is, doesn’t matter if it’s bad. “

The comment reminds me of something I wrote on Jan 1, 2015. I would like it if everyone reads it again and make it their motto for 2018. Less consumption, More creation.

If you have been drowned in the overwhelming series of posts about new year’s resolution and have come to a point that you have to make one, make this one.

The best new years resolution that you can make is to become a maker. We are surrounded by news, articles, blogs, videos, books and the source of information and knowledge is never-ending. But, in between all of this, what we have really forgotten is to think, think about stuff and develop a perception about things. This new year, make a resolution that you will be a thinker, a tinkerer. YOU will not be a mere consumer of knowledge, but, you’ll make a contribution to the pool of knowledge. It is much better to read one article and think about it; Instead of reading numerous articles and just filling your database of knowledge.

The maker mentioned here is not the type of maker that hipsters are talking about now-a-days (Maker Movement) (* were talking of back then *)

My Plan

On one hand, I will (have started already) invest more time in documenting things I learn (for myself and others). On the other hand, I have to start policing myself on reading every other article/book/comment. Let’s see how that will go, only time will tell.

Remember, It is important to say out loud what you want to do, the first step to make things real.

Other folks saying the same

In some cases, same same, but different :D

Happy 2018! Don’t just dream it- do it! #mickey #newyear #resolved #justdraw #animation

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** Do it!! even if it sucks. It’s important you know it sucks ** . Robert Pirsig talks about this in detail in his book Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance