Dear Event Organizers in Kathmandu

Dear Event Organizers,

I have been attending dev/tech/art related events for quite some years now. It fills me with pride looking at how far we have come, and how colorful and eventful (ba-dum-tiss) the community has become. There is an event every week or so, community-leaders are meeting often discussing about maximizing community interaction. The best part of it is that the community also feels that we need to have such events. Now, that’s all Roses, lets talk about the Thorns. I would like to disucss a Thorn in specific.

It hasn’t even been a week in 2017 and I have had two event invites. YAY! that’s so awesome, right? NO! Why? you may ask. The reason is that I couldn’t attend either of the two events. People were notified a couple of days in advance about the event. I’m really sorry to put this out, even though it should have been obvious, two days prior notice for a meeting/event is too less of a time. Inviting the community atleast one week in advance should be part of the event etiquette recipe. We are failing at this. It is a collective failure and we should try to fix this.

So, what can we do about this? I have a proposition especially for dev/tech events.

If there is a better way of doing this, I am all ears, lets talk in the slack channel.