I am Frustrated.

I read the news every once in a while, and realize that nothing has changed. Nothing has changed in the once peaceful country. That peaceful country where people are fighting; They are divided, divided by caste, divided by religion, divided by color, divided by reason, divided without any reason. Fight all day long, fight for your ego, fight for the fake pride and then in the end of the day take pride in being the most peaceful country in the world, take pride in being the most peaceful people, take pride in coming from the land of Buddha. Great, at least we are the quintessential hypocrites.

It’s sad to see the leaders fighting like children. Oh come on, we had fairer fights when we were kids. It’s funny to see the parties organize a meeting with the other parties, and follow it with their own personal meetings; its clear they have no philosophy, no pride, no compassion, all they want is to maximize their profits. This child play has been the norm in one way; it has pulled everyone centuries behind. Centuries behind in thinking, in science, in contribution to society.

The smart world is working on nurturing the future generation. We? we have already lost them, we have failed them. Those kids should be studying in school, challenging their teachers, learning from their mentors, painting, drawing and solving that random equation. But, NO! They are everywhere but not where they should be. They are sitting in home playing, they are working in that brick factory where they legally shouldn’t be, and they are lying on that corner of the street burning grass. But then, how could they go to school? The teachers are not motivated to teach the students; In most cases, they are there because that is the last job they could find, one that pays the least and our society has accepted it that way. Why? Simply because they are not a part of the vicious romantic consumerism cycle. If only they could produce something that could be exchanged with money. All they are doing is building the future, adding some fine touches to it, how can that be important? No gains at all!

The situation is saddening, and its getting worse day by day. Every day a political party is angry, the schools are closed! a wife and a husband have a fight, the schools are closed. I am sure this situation frustrates many more and I am aware that there are wiser beings that are working on fixing this, trying to be a part of the solution. Not rant like me by making a fuss of the problem. I think there is only one right way to solve this problem and its not a quick one, its one that takes its time but does the job. We have to change our culture, our society, our views. Education has to be taken seriously. We have to build better schools, develop infrastructure. Not schools that are money making machines, but schools that are shaping better humans and better futures. Invest the money a school generates into the teachers, into other schools. Build standards, standards that schools have to be built up to. The government has to play an active role in this, the political parties have to play an active role in this, we the citizens have a bigger role to play in this. Government schools have to rise, rise to standards that set benchmarks. The system has to invest into the future, the future that will build the system in return.