The right temperament, four years of engineering

Note: This has come back from the archives and was written way back on 03 May 2011. [Back from the Grave]

Disclaimer : This article is a compilation of my say about four years of college, things that i wish people told me, things that people told me and helped me make a difference and yeah, of course things that i want to say :). It would also be a a lot biased towards computer engineering (obvious reasons).

College is a lot different than school, a lot lot different. Full freedom, no teachers, bunking classes is regular, going classes is a once in a while thing, friends are family, family is now a phone call away. Yeah, I know howmuch fun college is but on a seious note we should never forget the primary reason we joined the college,

First year of College

Second year of College

Third year of College

Final year ( The End, that’s what i’m talking about)

An Important Issue :

Recently, I was also thinking that why do most of the tech startups or the awesome ideas that totally change the world come from some place on the other side of the globe. If they can why not someone in India? or Nepal? No, it’s really hard to. Why? It’s because the way we are taught, the way colleges run. Colleges are just making the next lot of engineers, they are not making thinkers, not innovators. But, again, it doesn’t mean we can’t. It’s high time we take a shift of paradigm, try to do some interesting stuff in college, mix it with all the awesome fun we are having.

That’s all for now. I’ve a lot, seriously a lot to say. Any issues or suggestions, pop up a comment below.