A life tip from flappy bird: Mega random rant

Flappy bird has been one game that i’ve been playing/fighting with quite a lot recently. If you have not played it yet, maybe its already too late as the author has taken it down from all the app stores, but a quick google search will give out a lot of recent clones.

Flappy Bird the game

It might be quite obvious from the game, but it tells one, how important it is to be in the perfect zone. Both under-estimation and over-estimation are nuances one should be away from, else you’ll bang your head to a pipe. This doesn’t mean that it should be done perfect in one try, even the game has number of unlimited chances, but beware life has this factor of time you cannot stop and everything has to be done in the right time frame as well. Wohoo! more complexity!

“The choice is between which mistake is easier to correct: underdoing it or overdoing it.” -Timothy Geithner